A meme. For vegans. Ⓥ

They supply the nonsense. We supply the lulz.

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The non-vegan feminist…

The hypocrisy. It hurts.

[Picture: Background: Purple, with Fem Freq logo in the top right corner. Foreground: Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian with a serious facial expression that indicates vocal commentary. Top text: “I dislike grotesque displays of violence.” Bottom text: “Unless it’s a butchered animal. Then it’s delicious!”]

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    Fair enough.
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    As a feminist who is a hard rock/heavy metal fan, I can see what you’re saying but also acknowledge that there is an...
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    As much as I don’t like that generally feminists aren’t vegan, I like Anita Sarkeesian and I don’t think her dedication...
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